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We are always too busy to take note of the simple tasks at hand; the tea or coffee that you made has gone cold by the time you were done making that video call for work. You end up skipping meals because there’s not enough time left for you to eat. These are the things that drive Algotech.
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艾高科技 Algotech

生活在現代社會的我們,經常因忙碌而忽略了手頭上的瑣碎事務、經常被來自手機那端的視訊會議打斷美好的咖啡時光,也經常沒有足夠的時間好好吃飯,有時甚至忙得連吃飯的時間都沒有。而艾高科技Algotech 希望透過您我手中都有的智慧型手機,利用各式各樣的 App,解決存在於每個忙碌的現代人日常生活中的瑣碎小事。
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