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20 Apps To Download During COVID-19 For Your Work, Health and Community

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As the world goes on to adapt and adjust to the ‘new normal’ defined by COVID-19, technology has been used primarily as the first line of defence and comfort globally. Mobile applications are used to combat and fight against COVID-19, from contact tracing with Bluetooth and QR technology, to helping people stay safe and entertained at home with educational materials or multiplayer entertainment. The following are recommendations made by the team from Algotech, who aims to make your life easier through the use of mobile application technology.

Work Applications

Spark Email

spark email app recommendation
Image: Mobile app, Spark e-mail, a team e-mail app perfect for those who are working.

An effective mobile application that allows you to integrate all email systems into one place. Spark Email enables you to access all of your emails easily and quickly at one go. Perfect tool if you work with different email systems for work. Available on Android and iOS.

Bunch: Group Video Chat & Party Games

bunch app gaming app for groups or friends
Image: Bunch, the gaming app for teams and friends.

The entertainment application that gets you to play video games with your friends over video chat! A great way to maintain and build social connections from home without the use of expensive gaming systems or consoles. Available on Android and iOS.

Finance Applications

ePayService* (Early Access)

ePay Service
Image: ePayService, the mobile app for corporate banking and much more.
A multifunctional payment application that enables independent business or professionals to achieve fund management in an easy manner. When going out physically to do fund transfers is not an option, ePayService enables business owners to make transfers or payments to their employees remotely from home. Available on Android and iOS.

Money Manager – Expense & Budget
Screenshot 2020 07 14 at 5.00.53 PM
Money Manager Function Demonstrations
Image: Money Manager demonstration of functions within the app.

The need to stay at home due to quarantine inevitably would cause an increased spending from online. With the Money Manager, users are able to take note of their expenses effortlessly. Your expenses would be visualized into a simplistic yet effective infographic, so that you can decide what to cut back on at a glance. Available on Android and iOS.


Cashzine Purposes
Image: Functions provided by Cashzine.

The mobile application that rewards users for developing a good reading habit as a leisure activity. Cashzine informs and provides readers with the latest news from various categories, allowing them to exchange their in-app coins for cash at any time. Available on Android and iOS.

Curious Cat: Money for Surveys

Curious Cat About
Image: Screen grab from the Curious Cat website.

Through the use of PayPal, the Curious Cat allows their users to earn money from completing surveys. The perfect pass-time for you if you want to earn a little extra on the side in this time of crisis. Available on Android and iOS.

Security Applications

Avast AntivirusScreenshot 2020 07 14 at 7.31.17 PM

Avast Antivirus
Image: Avast Antivirus mobile app functions for smartphones.

Dubbed as “the world’s most trusted free antivirus app”, Avast is a mobile application that pledges to protect your smartphone from viruses and malware. Such dangers are increasingly rampant even without COVID-19; many smartphone users still fall prey to phishing attacks via e-mails, phone calls, infected websites or messages. Available on Android and iOS.

Microsoft Family Safety
Microsoft Family Safety calls to answer the worries of new generation parents. As parents, they are able to use Microsoft Family Safety to set time limits on their children’s screen time usage. Furthermore, they are able to gather informative reports of their children’s screen time usage via ‘color-coded breakdowns’ with infographics. Only available on Microsoft 365.

QR Scanner – Free Safe QR Code Reader, Zero Ads

QR Scanner App Functions
Image: QR Scanner App demonstrations for smartphone usage.
Screenshot 2020 07 14 at 7.38.04 PMLocal businesses and establishments in some countries (such as Singapore) would require you to scan QR codes before entering their premises for contact tracing purposes. However, there’s always the risk of exposing your phone to malware with ‘rogue’ QR codes. With QR Scanner, this mobile application will ensure that you are directed to safe links and not malicious content. Only available on Android. For Apple Users, the alternative is QR Scanner – No Ads which is available on iOS.

Trace Together
Screenshot 2020 07 14 at 7.39.20 PM
TraceTogether App
Image: Functions served by the TraceTogether mobile app, developed to combat COVID-19.

Another contact-tracing effort that’s powered by BlueTooth technology, Trace Together is a mobile application introduced by the Singapore government to ‘fight the spread of COVID-1P’ within the community. This mobile application notifies their users immediately if they have been exposed to a COVID-19 case who is also a fellow ‘Trace Together’ user. Available on Android and iOS.

Education Applications

Vivid Books

Vivid Books Web Grab
Image: Screen Grab from Vivid Books official website.

Vivid Books are made for parents who want to promote active learning to their children, specifically for physics. Tutors who wish to make their teaching experiences more entertaining as well can consider this too! This mobile application aims to promote the understanding of complex topics in Physics through interactive Augmented Reality (AR) for children. Currently, this application is only available on iOS. But you can definitely look out for their Android application as it is currently under works!


DoodleMatic Function
Image: DoodleMatic, turning art into enjoyable games for children.

Another fun, educational mobile application to consider is DoodleMatic. Created to entertain and engage in creatively-inclined children, DoodleMatic is the mobile application that allows children to transform their drawings into games. Educators too can use this to enhance their student’s classroom learning experience. Available on Android and iOS.


Nwsty Demo
Image: Nwsty delivery of bite-sized news for smartphone users.

Nwsty is the news mobile application for you if you are easily overwhelmed by the rapid production of information from the Internet. Inspired by the motto to have users “read less and know more”, Nwsty makes sure that you stay on track with the latest happenings globally by giving you a daily news digest in bite-sized pieces. With this mobile application, you won’t have to experience information burn-out again. Available on Android and iOS.

Game & Entertainment Applications

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Image: ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ promotional material.
Screenshot 2020 07 14 at 7.50.23 PMA literal, pocket-friendly version of the Nintendo Switch’s popular game Animal Crossing – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the mobile application version of the much loved carefree game. Popularized during COVID-19, the game allows users like us to ‘enjoy simple pleasures’ through the decoration of our own campsite. Available on Android and iOS.

Pokémon Café Mix
pokemon cafe mix
Image: Concept art of Pokémon Café Mix mobile app game.

For fans of Pokémon, Pokémon Café Mix is the mobile application that entertains by making you run a Pokemon-dedicated cafe. Through the use of unique and enjoyable puzzles, players can prepare drinks and dishes for their Pokémon customers. It is an adorable, mobile application game for all ages. Available on Android and iOS.

Puzzle Aquarium

Puzzle Aquarium Puzzles
Image: Puzzles to solve on the game, ‘Puzzle Aquarium’.

This mobile application is an alternative for the ones who like puzzles that get progressively challenging with calming graphics. Through this mobile application, rewards come in the form of allowing users to expand their aquarium with different aquatic animals. Available on Android and iOS.

Health Applications

Study Bunny: Focus Timer

Study Bunny App features
Image: Study Bunny mobile app features for smarphone users to help with studying and concentration.

Many students have been required to study remotely due to COVID-19. With Study Bunny: Focus Timer, this mobile application motivates students in an adorable manner to stay focused with their study habits. The more time invested into studying, the more purchases a user can get to feed their ‘bunny’ in the mobile application. Available on Android and iOS.

Avocation – Habit TrackerScreenshot 2020 07 14 at 8.07.11 PM

Avocation App Features
Image: Avocation functions for smartphone users.

As more time is being spent at home, there is more opportunity for us to develop healthy habits. Avocation is the mobile application that aims to be your ‘pocket growth assistant’, to help you kick bad habits and start good ones in a stress-free manner. Available on Android and iOS.

Forest: Stay Focused

Forest Stay focused Demo
Image: ‘Forest – Stay Focused’ app functions for smartphone users.
Forest: Stay Focused encourages users to stay motivated and beat procrastination with a unique reward – you will be able to plant real trees with the Pro version of this mobile application and help the environment as a result. Available on Android and iOS.

Quit Meat – Easiest way to Become Vegan/Vegetarian
Screenshot 2020 07 14 at 8.14.42 PM
Quit Meat
Image: Quit Meat mobile app functions.

Trying a new diet is an alternative for those who are still unable to go or too anxious to use a public gym. Quit Meat is the mobile application that enables you to try a meat-free diet; it also reveals the amount of water and greenhouse gas you have saved by not eating meat. A great method if you want to be environmentally-friendly on a daily basis. Available on Android and iOS.

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