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4 Minimalist Android Launchers To Download For Increased Productivity in 2020

Do you find yourself having trouble concentrating on your tasks because it’s too tempting to check your smartphone? Or have you found yourself going down the inevitable social media rabbit hole because you happened to click on a random notification about someone else’s day on the beach? If you have, you should probably consider the use of minimalist launchers.

What are Minimalist Launchers?

Minimalist launchers are available to Android users on the store and are perfect for those who would love to minimise the distractions and clutter on their smartphones. If you wish to give your smartphone the ‘Marie Kondo’ treatment and reduce the chances of smartphone addiction, these applications are a great way to start! It’s a positive starting point for those who wish to go on a detox journey and have a healthier mindset with their smartphones. Here are 4 minimalist launchers that you can consider installing if you are an Android user!

Before Launcher 

before app launcher icon for play store android
Image: Mobile Application Launcher, Before

Dubbed as the ‘best app in 2019’ created by Fast Company, this minimalist launcher describes themselves to help users ‘reduce distractions’ to have more focus. Overall, the app aims to help users in their time-managing skills by giving their ‘time back’ through the de-cluttering of mobile apps on your phone down to the most important ones of your choice. The quick launch function allows you to access your most used/important mobile apps as well. For the added personal touch, Before Launcher also allows you to add your own styles and make use of third party icon packs to your liking.

functions of before app launcher android
Image: Functions available on the Before launcher

To top it off, Before Launcher also hides unnecessary mobile apps on your phone (such as the ones that could be distracting like Mobile Legend) and forces users to focus on the essential mobile apps on your phone as well. It aims to teach their users to cultivate a healthier relationship with smart technology, by helping us learn to ‘break up’ with and take control of our smartphones first. Bonus is that these parties behind the app do not capture nor sell the data of their users, so good for those who are concerned about smartphone privacy overall! Recommended for those who would like a minimalist launcher that settles the foundation of design, placement, and arrangement of your apps at one go. Available for download on Google Play now. 

Evie Launcher

evie launcher icon
Image: Icon of the Evie Launcher application on Play Store.

Designed with smartphone performance in mind, the Evie Launcher on the other hand is driven to make smartphones faster and easier to use. Instead of swiping through multiple pages of your mobile applications, Evie puts them all together in one place by simply having the user swipe up on their home screens. Another way would be simply typing and search for your mobile app of choice in their ‘lightning-fast’ search bar.  The design implemented by the Evie Launcher is responsive and easy on the eyes without the loss of aesthetics. Many have vouched that the Evie Launcher has the perfect balance between mobile phone aesthetics and functionality as a minimalist launcher. 

Evie launcher functions
Image: Functions as shown on Evie Launcher with promised aesthetics.

Besides, the Evie Launcher displays your most frequently used mobile apps as well, save for the ones that you choose to hide! In addition, the personal customization by users is also made easy and are known to be adaptable to any third party icon mobile apps as well. Recommended for those who are looking to improve their smartphone performance and functionality as a whole while having great user interface aesthetics. Available for download on Google Play now.

Indistractable Launcher

Indistractable Launcher on Play Store android application
Image: List of functions and display aesthetics available on Indistractable.

Proclaiming themselves as the ‘no-nonsense’ minimalist launcher – Indistractable Launcher is created just this year 2020 and aims to help users who wish to reduce their screen time on their mobile phones by making users ‘focus on what matters’ and keeping their interface simple. Unlike the other minimalist launchers, Indistractable has a Light or Dark theme for choosing. Data collection does not occur on Indistractable Launcher as well and the mobile app also allows customisation to your mobile app fonts and design. Right now, the application is still undergoing their beta testing, so feel free to test it out and give your feedback to the development team on what other changes could be done to make the launcher a minimalist’s dream! Bonus is their addition of the ‘Batch Notification’ function, where users will only receive their notifications from mobile apps only at a selected point in time during the day. Available for download on Google Play now.

Niagara Launcher 

Another minimalism launcher that is developed this year 2020 is the Niagara Launcher. Their focus is to focus on a ‘fresh and clean’ interface and look for their users. At first glance, this launcher differs from the above-mentioned apps by choosing to adopt a more organic look to their launcher’s aesthetic; Niagara Launcher’s focal point is on greenery and their users can expect the eye-pleasing graphics of plant leaves when they install this minimalism launcher.

Niagara Launcher aesthetics on application
Image: Niagara Launcher giving a more colorful alternative compared to the other three launchers.

Motivated to help their users develop a healthier relationship with their smartphones, their look also comes with a ‘dark mode’. Also, Niagara Launcher also offers the tool of smart replies for messaging and helps their users get ‘essential information’ from their received messages at one go. This minimalism app also demands little space on your smartphone and helps to keep your home screen neat and tidy by hiding all pre-installed software on your smartphone as well. Recommended for those who would like a more green and fun-looking aesthetic present on their minimalism launcher apps. Available for download on Google Play now.


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