About Algotech

In Algotech, our team believes that the solutions to all these daily troubles lie in your very hands - your smartphones. Algotech wants to use mobile app development as a way to resolve these tiny problems that exist in your everyday life. The team is motivated to create apps that provide daily solutions for anyone and everyone - that includes the elderly and disabled community. Algotech is the app builder and app developer that strives to start mobile app projects that make lives easier.  With your input and the mobile app development skills of the Algotech team, we believe that together we can use technology to help you, your loved ones and the community to grow closer and live better right now. Algotech is open to ideas from anywhere and everywhere; whether you are in Europe or Asia, the team is open to hearing your ideas and building your mobile app idea by getting in touch with us on Facebook or our website right now.  Together with the community, Algotech is the leading pioneer, app enabler in Singapore.

Algotech is trusted and known in the technological industry in Singapore. The team has since worked with more than 5000 companies as of 2014 in online platform development. With Algotech, businesses are able to combine the old and the new; the combination of old and new business data into one simple yet effective database is enabled by Algotech's technological integration work in the age of Industry 4.0.

Mission and Vision

To provide daily solutions for life's daily problems with mobile app developments that are powered by the voices from a global community. Algotech's vision is to make lives easier with technology through the implementation of software integrated living accessories.

Our Partners

Algotech is in partnership with Futuristic to develop software and technology that will make the lives of people easier in the future. Futuristic, also known as Futuristic Store Fixtures, is a store fixture specialist that prides itself in keeping up with the times to serve the needs of their global clients. Founded in 2005, Futuristic has since fixed "more than 7500 retails stores" in 56 countries. Currently, Futuristic is working with Algotech to develop software that can be integrated into the everyday lives of people in retail or office.