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App Review: Mood Potatoes, The Fun Mood Tracker App

Much of the mobile app market has a dedicated section for mental health and well-being that is great for those who wish to improve themselves in a mindful manner. One of the central elements in improving mental health being is the need to be aware of your emotions or emotional state on a daily basis, and the motivations behind each overall feeing that you have on a particular day. Enter the mood tracker mobile apps to help users achieve this efficiently on their phones. Aside from Bearable (which we have reviewed previously), a new entry to the mood tracker market is the Mood Potatoes.

What is Mood Potatoes?

Mood Potato Web Grab 2
Image: From moodpotatoes.com, a rundown on the app’s purpose for its users.

Like Bearable, Mood Potatoes aims to help users know how they feel on a daily basis from a range of moods that they have illustrated on their app. Overall, they aim to track their users “daily happiness levels” and write their reflections on why they are feeling the way they are feeling on that day. On top of that, the daily entries are accompanied with gratitude entries as well, so that users can also give themselves daily reminders on what they feel grateful for on a daily basis.

Mood Potatoes Function: How to Use It?

Users begin by signing up as a ‘mood buddy’ in the mobile app. After the account sign up, an adorable mascot makes its appearance and greets the user as their personal mood tracking companion. The user begins with recording their mood for the day from a scale of five illustrated emojis with different labels: unhappy, moody, neutral, good and joyful.

Mood Potato image 1
Image: The first step for Mood Potato users when they log in to their app.

After the selection of the emoji that best represents the user’s vibe for the day, the user also has the option of writing down specifically the reason they feel the way they do on that day. Users can choose between two different colour themes so that they can associate the right mood with the right colours, and the colours would be reflected on a monthly calendar from here.

Mood Potato Image 2
Image: Mood Potato’s second step allows users to have their colour scheme of choice for the emoticons shown at the bottom row.

After this, the user is prompted to write a gratitude entry for their personal gratitude journal. This allows the user to recall and record the five main things that they are grateful for on the day. At the end of it, the mobile app offers a brief summary of the user’s average mood as well, so long as they have made an effort into putting enough records in for them to calculate it.

Mood Potato Gratitude Journal
Image: The gratitude journal in Mood Potato’s app that prompts the user to think of five things that they are grateful for the day.

Why Use Mood Potatoes

In comparison to Bearable, Mood Potatoes has arguably a simpler and better user interface as a mood planner. It’s straightforward design to get the users to key in all of their emotional records and explanations all at one go makes it really easy and enjoyable to use. On top of that, its simple and adorable design is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also serves aesthetically as it allows the user to get a quick overview on how they were doing emotionally for the past month. The inclusion of the gratitude journal is a nice touch too and again keying this gratitude entry in was made simple and fast to accomplish for the users of this mental health mobile app.

To Install Or Not Install?

Compared to Bearable, the Mood Potatoes is definitely more simple and easier to use for users as a mood tracking mobile app. Because of its simplistic and direct user interface, there is minimal risk of a user not tracking their moods anymore simply because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of options they have in place. Mood Potatoes achieved the perfect balance between the app’s usage and purpose. It’s a definite must to install especially if you are someone who feel that you need a mood tracker app that is manageable to feed entries to, a mood tracker app that doesn’t scare you away with their demand of the tiniest detail to justify why you were feeling sad that day. Finally, the way the mobile app was arguably, very kid-friendly as well. So it can  definitely be considered for parents who wish to have some insight into how your kids are doing mentally at a young age. The Mood Potato app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store now.


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