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App Review: Study Time Planner, a student’s best bet

A thing that remains constant is that students all around the world still have to study and (hopefully!) do well in their academics.  One method that always helps with that is the strict planning of studying schedules, deciding which subjects to prioritise more so that you can do better in school overall.

Thus, in the age of mobile app technology, the Study Time Planner is something to be considered for students who want to plan out an effective and personalised study schedule to see them through tests and examinations.

What is Study Time Planner?

Study Time planner Demo
Image: The Study Time Planner as seen on the Play Store.

The creator behind the Study Time Planner want their users to keep track of the actual amount of time that they spend studying. Not only that, the planner also informs the users how long they spent not studying through the use of a timer. As a whole, this study app is motivated to encourage their users to keep track of how much time they are really using for their studies and grow to be more disciplined when they realise how long they have failed to study for a particular subject.

Study Time Planner: How To Use It

Users are able to create a list of subjects with their customised colour of choice in the mobile app for “easy identification”. From there, they are able to crate a personalised time table, indicating the time, date, and their own planned duration of study for each subject.

Study Time Planner Details
Image: Details that the user will have to input for their planner using this mobile app.

The programmed timer in the app then begins a timer countdown automatically on the date you have set for the study session to commence! The user will be able to pause the timer – but a separate timer will continue to time how long the pause was – until you click on it to continue again.

Study Time Planner Break Stop
Image: Example of the break and stop buttons in the Study Planner app, that keeps track of how much time is used when you rest.

This keep tracks of the amount of time the user has ‘wasted’ as well during the set timing where they are supposed to study continuously for the subject. At the end, the app will display an overall review on how much time the user succeeded or failed to use to study at the end of each month.

Study Time Planne App Overall
Image: The monthly overview provided by Study Time Planner to let you know how much time you have spent studying as a whole.

Why Use Study Time Planner

This mobile app is the solution for those who wants to be held accountable for their study habits. It’s easy to dictate on a piece of paper or journal planner about your intention to study, but it is not easy to make sure that you actually go through with it. Using this study mobile app is a great way for those who would want to foster a healthy and disciplined study routine for a long time ahead.

To Install or Not Install

This is a definite ‘yes’ to install especially for students or people who are studying and working at the same time. Having an app that not only calculates the amount of time you spend studying but keep track of the time wasted helps you to have an idea on what needs to be done to do better in the long run. It beats the traditional ‘pen on paper’ method that fails to remind you how much you spent making coffee midway or taking that small snack break that you thought would motivate you to concentrate better. Available for download on Google Play now.


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