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App Review: TomaToDo – The Smartphone Self-Improvement Assistant

Self-improvement is now the trend ever since the arrival of the pandemic in 2020. As we transition back and forth in life to adjust to this new normal, many have agreed that this was a good time to reflect and improve ourselves. This includes working out more to better our physical health and give more attention to the things we can do to better our emotional and mental health from home as well.

What is TomaToDo?

TomaTodo App Features
Image: The mobile app TomaTodo features.

TomaToDo is a mobile app built upon the ‘Tomato working method’ or otherwise known as Technique Pomodoro. This method is a time-management method that has been developed in the last century by Cirillo Francesco. The point of this time-management method is to have users function by giving themselves 25 minutes of work time, followed by 5 minutes of break time. The point was to get users on the Tomato working method to engage in ‘planning, tracking, recording, processing, and visualization’ of their workflow. 

TomaToDo Functions: How Does It Work?

Users are greeted with the in-built Task Manager section where they select their theme color of choice and list down their general ‘to-do’ list for the day. You can label and title your tasks, key in the amount of time you wish to dedicate to each task, and make sure that you engage in these habits or goals effectively by having a ‘strict-mode’ available for selection as well.

Users can dictate if the actions typed in are habits, goals, or ‘everyday’ events. From here, they can dictate the cycle that they want for these actions to occur and even customise the break times allowed when doing these tasks.

TomaTodo App Advanced Settings
Image: Advanced settings in the app allows you to customise work cycles and relax durations.

You can even break down and compartmentalize your goals or habits even further by making use of the ‘Collection’ section. This section is to allow their users to organize their ‘to-do’ items more conveniently and intuitively. So suppose if you are a full-time student with a part-time job, you can separate the tasks you have for both work and school into different compartments with their own respective ‘timed’ habits, goals, and events. 

Once you have entered the list of tasks to be completed for the day, the TomaToDo mobile app begins an aesthetically pleasing countdown timer that includes the deadline for the task you have keyed in as well. The timer is accompanied by graphics and music that is supposed to motivate you to stay on track and kickstart your focus flow.

Why use TomaToDo?

This mobile app with its in-built timer and break cycles assigned to each written task makes it easier for a user to be held accountable to their to-do list. Especially for those who love to procrastinate or find it hard to focus, TomaToDo makes it easy for them to customize and visualise their tasks into bite-sized pieces that they can digest easily via the time cycle formula. It helps users to rethink the way they view their assignments or goals into manageable bits, especially towards something that they do not enjoy. Just imagine using this mobile app as a way to manage the assessment practices your students or children have to do for homework – rather than making them think they are going to do algebra straight for 2 hours, isn’t it better for them to think that they are only going to do 25 minutes of finding x and y with 5-minute breaks in between in four cycles?

TomaToDo: To Install or Not Install? 

I feel this mobile app is a definite ‘yes’ for those who want to achieve their goals in a limited period. The user interfaces as well as the aesthetics of the mobile application make it enjoyable and easy for us to digest and break down our ‘to-do’ list. With the timer and cycle timer that is up to our customisation, users can productively achieve their goals within a timeframe that’s comfortable for them. This is definitely an essential mobile app for downloading if you are someone who is looking for constant improvement and achievement of their own goals that you would like to complete in a set amount of time. Available on Google Play now.

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