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App Review: Wakeout! The app brought the gym to the soft – and kitchen and home office.

In times of change, what remains constant is the ever-increasing intensity in our lifestyles as we constantly attempt to strive to better our lives and further our goals especially in the past year. And sometimes, perhaps what we really need is just a good stretch to keep us going.

What is Wakeout?

Wakeout is a lifestyle application that aims to help its users incorporate good habits in their daily lives that will serve to improve overall fitness and wellness. Titled ‘iPhone App of the Year for 2020’ by Apple, the appeal of this application lies in its convenience, as it guides you through a series of 30 seconds mini exercises that can be carried out literally anywhere at any time, especially in between breaks. In addition, some of its features allow users to customise these mini-workouts according to one’s preferences and needs.

Wakeout Functions: How To Use It

Right off the bat when users enter into the main page of the app, the app offers users several options for the mini-workouts under the ‘break’, ‘workday’, and ‘wind down’ tabs according to whichever mode suits their current needs.

Under the ‘break’ tab, the app will display a series of mini exercises you can do even when sitting in front of your work desk. The video demonstration will be accompanied by a 60 seconds timer which serves as a good guide for the amount of time one should be spending on each mini exercise. With this, one can stay active even when taking a short break in between work. In addition, there are also different modes of workout suitable for specific locations and contexts available on the app. For example, Wakeout offers home workouts at specific places such as the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Workplace workouts while sitting or standing, as well as travel workouts in the car and outdoor workouts at the beach, are some of the many options users can choose from.

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Under the ‘workday’ tab, users are also able to customise the focus session length, active break length, and also movement pool to optimise the workouts for the current setting and location they are in.

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Wind down workouts that typically last for 5 minutes are also available on the app that aims to help release tensions for a better night’s sleep.

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Why Use Wakeout?

The Wakeout app is a handy workout app that reminds us of what is important in our daily lives especially when our lives become ever-increasingly hectic. The video demonstrations and the customisation features serve as a convenient tool that one can tap on when they are on a short break at home, school, and even the workplace. This app is effective in helping one optimise their mini-workouts according to the current setting the users are in, giving one the flexibility of time and space to maintain their wellness even at a coffee shop. Such mini workouts that seem negligible can go a long way in contributing to one’s general mental and physical well-being.

Wakeout: To Install or Not Install?

For roughly $7 per month, users can enjoy full access to the app’s features. It may not seem like a necessity for someone to spend money on, but it’s definitely worth a try if you can afford it, and observe the positive changes after a month of use.


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