Upcoming Apps By Algotech

iFridge App: This mobile app allows anyone in the household to create and keep track of their groceries digitally in an instant. Simply take a photo of your fridge contents and the mobile application will automatically create an entry in the digital item list. Great for the elderly, parents or children alike to keep track of what food items are available at home and what needs a refill during in the near future.

Boiler Alert! App: This mobile app posts an instant alert the moment when you have left your water, soup or cooking on boil for too long. A continuous alarm will be sounded so long as the item is left boiling. An app essential for those who can easily forget about their cooking on the stove as they telecommute from home.

Time Blocker App: This mobile app calculates the amount of time left you have in a day based on the tasks you input and will offer solutions or things that you can do within that time period. Ever wondered how you can make use of that 30 minutes left in your schedule? Or what news should you read with the 18 minutes that you are left with when you finish your assignment way sooner than expected? The suggestions will be prompted based on your preferences and can range from giving you an educational article to read up on or audio that allows you to take a quick nap with the time left. Reminders will be in place to let you know that your surplus time is up so that you can go back to where you left on with the suggested leisure activity at the end of the day.