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App Review: Bearable, keeping track of your moods in one place

With the pandemic going on, mental health has been a popular discussion topic amongst the youth and adults as all of us struggle to telecommute from home in the ‘new normal’.

Not all of us have the privilege to go for therapy or have the knack for bullet journaling to keep track of our mental health and health habits. Most of us would not have the patience either to keep track of it. How many forgotten journals have been left in our bags with their pages empty?

This is where Bearable comes in.

What is Bearable?

Image: ‘Bearable’ app on Google Play

Bearable is an app that wants to keep their users physical and mental health records “all in one place” for the sake of their overall well-being. The app allows you to create multiple sections that keeps records of your daily habits and activities. From your mood all the way to ‘factors’ – events that are happening that could have made you feel exceptionally peculiar on one particular day – Bearable uses these records to help you “record your physical and mental health quickly and effortlessly”.

Bearable Functions : How To Use It

Bearable presents itself as an e-journal with detailed sections for their users to fill in about their daily habits, moods and events for everyday. Users just have to select a section that they want to fill in, for example ‘Mood’, and provide further details with cute but relatable graphics.

Why Use Bearable?

Bearable as an app is especially important for people of today. As everyone rushes to get work done, it is definitely easy to forget and keep track of our mental health – to let us know what keeps us going or not in the first place. Bearable allows us to do so easily from our smartphones and note the tiniest detail daily so that we may improve ourselves and our mental well-being as a whole. To add on, the app also provides the option to craft custom reminders to take medication for their users.

Bearable mobile app for mental health
Image: The reminder for medication intake as seen in the Bearable app. The user is able to input the exact time and frequency of the reminder accordingly to their personal medication schedule if they have one.

The need to keep track of habits for a good mental-health has to start somewhere and Bearable makes it especially easy to do so. Upon your account creation, the app flashes the date and the following sections in which you can track your mood on a scale of 1-10 to the meals that you have taken that day. Providing such specific choices enables Bearable to remember for us so that we know where exactly to make changes to our routines in order to feel better in the long run.

bearable mental health app for android mobile
Image: The list of factors a user can input into the Bearable app to keep track of their moods and daily habits.

To Install Or Not Install?

Granted that first-time users might find it a little bit intimidating at first with the different sections, it is a mobile app that I feel will help people struggling with mental health more in the long run. However, that’s only provided if you are very determined to key in the details consciously every single day.

Bearable mobile app statistics function

So for some, they might find the Bearable ironically, quite unbearable to handle because of the specific details the user has to input. It’s not hard to imagine that some people will find it too overwhelming to use at first. Users will have to consciously input these specific details of their day every day, something which can be quite tedious especially for those with high-functioning depression or anxiety.

That being said, however, Bearable should be installed for those who are truly looking for change. It’s detailed entries and enquiries into meal or food habits, mood trackers and ‘mood insights’ is something worth noting for those who are looking to hold themselves responsible to change their mental health for the better. As the saying goes, beginning is half the battle won – so long as users decide to start with Bearable, they will find themselves progressing somewhat in their journey to rectify and improve on their mental health. Bearable should be installed for the people who want to see how and where they can begin in their journey at exact points in their lives to have better mental health.


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