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Consignment Live Sales


Does your company want to promote its sale without actually setting up online platforms and hiring live sellers?

Algotech can solve your problem!

Our professional live seller teams can help you sell your products on online markets on a consignment selling basis.

After finishing the Livestream selling, your company can then make payment with the consignee according to the commission agreement.

The current state of live-streaming sales

The current state of live-streaming sales

Features of Live Selling 1

Livestream selling is rapidly rewriting promotion and retail sales that people used to know, just like how the Internet, smartphones, mobile payments, etc have drastically altered our lifestyle.

The conventional sales model can only reach a limited amount of potential customers, especially in remote areas where transportation and communication aren't as convenient as in big cities.

Features of Live Selling

Features of Live Selling


Real Time Interaction

During the live broadcast, the live seller will demonstrate the details and usage of the product so that the audience can better understand it. On the other hand, by watching live selling, users can interact with the live seller in real time on product issues and actively receive product information from them.

Instant Connection With Like-minded People

The two-way interaction of online e-commerce enables users to receive information and express their opinions. In addition, the social and respectful needs of users can be met, and it is possible to interact with like-minded people. Even if you have never seen each other before, you can still have an instant connection.

Reduce Promotion Costs

Compared with traditional marketing methods, e-commerce direct delivery is based on an online platform, which can effectively reduce the cost of promotion by showing the features and benefits of products directly to consumers. At the same time, the storage of live content as video has a strong communication effect. High-quality content can be broadcast twice to increase product popularity and reduce the cost of the entire marketing campaign. Online live broadcast sales can be a cross-international storefront, which allows more people to see your product.

Advantages of Livestream selling

Advantages of Livestream selling


Strengthen Communication Between Brands & Consumers

Livestream selling on E-commerce platforms not only sells products more effectively but also brings the brand effect on retailers.

Shoppable live streams have monumental value to brands: strengthening communication between brands and consumers, therefore, nurturing stronger relationships. The high degree of interactivity requires live sellers to acquire more knowledge or expertise in products or brands.

Enhance The Sense Of Trust

The real-time interaction between the live sellers and the audiences during live streaming will greatly enhance the audiences' sense of trust, especially those live sellers with a large follower base whom customers feel more reliable.

As an innovative sales channel, live streaming allows sales representatives or brands to create a more natural, intimate shopping experience for customers online.


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