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New Technology for the ‘New Normal’: Sophisticated Hygiene Station by Futuristic

COVID-19 has brought about new routines and processes that the public has to handle. From making face masks a compulsory gear to having your identity cards on you at all times for contact tracing with purposes, everyone is doing their best to adapt and help in the fight against the virus whenever they choose to leave their homes. Technology, naturally, has adapted and pushed out timely innovations to help. Many of us may have seen the appearance of a hygiene station – an AI apparatus that allows establishments to take temperatures without the active use of manpower. Such machines have since been deployed to shopping malls and work offices alike to reduce manpower costs and waiting times from manual temperature-taking methods.

However, there are other new players in the AI machine market as well. More intuitive and useful machines like the above mentioned are created to facilitate both temperature-taking and contact tracing purposes. The most recent being the Sophisticated Hygiene Station by Futuristic. 

This hygiene station is specifically created to aid employers and employees as they transition from telecommuting back to their offices during this era of the ‘new normal’. However, similar models to this have already been introduced to the public as well at shopping malls. The Sophisticated Hygiene Station by Futuristic is equipped from head to toe to do the following: temperature-taking, facial identification for employees and employer, automated dispenser for hand sanitiser as well as in-built mask and tissue holders.

First Impressions

What makes the Sophisticated Hygiene Station distinct from its other hygiene invention counterparts is that it boasts double the number of specs and data memory. For first-time users of this device, in comparison to the government issued ones in Singapore, the one by Futuristic was faster and more seamless.

The hand sanitiser dispenser was quick to react after you put your hand under it. The amount dispensed was enough to use for disinfecting. Not to mention that with the mask dispenser handily installed at the side allowed you to take the masks easily as well. No fear of getting a ‘contaminated’ face mask since your hands would be sanitised right before and the dispenser slot is large enough for anyone, regardless of hand size, take the mask without fumbling with the remaining ones in the dispenser.

The audio prompts from the Sophisticated Hygiene Station was a simple but useful add-on. In addition, it was more sensitive to temperature taking as the results will vary when the user used the Sophisticated Hygiene Station at varying distances. Right now, at least in Singapore, a lot of shopping malls have installed a similar temperature-taking station at their entrances. If you are a regular shopper to some of these places (which I am), you will realise that sometimes the temperature readings can be a bit iffy – the temperatures taken will remain at 36.5 degrees consistently even at the forth or fifth shopper that has entered the mall. Which is why, as a whole, it felt that this station offered more accurate readings of the temperatures taken, as opposed to the other contactless temperature-taking stations available in the market right now.

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Image: The Sophisticated Hygiene Station by Futuristic comes with the following functions: temperature-taking, face recognition, automated hand sanitiser dispenser, in-built storage for masks and tissue, and a bin.
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Photo: The Sophisticated Hygiene Station by Futuristic in use.

Verdict on The Sophisticated Hygiene Station

Even after COVID-19, it was not hard to see that the device will remain relevant. The Sophisticated Hygiene Station allows employers to customise and record the data logs made by users in the following categories: gender, visitors, and employees. The hygiene perks aside, it is also not hard to see that this will enhance the building security for offices in the long run.

In addition, the automated hand sanitiser dispenser and mask dispenser will prove to be particularly handy for those who work in hospitality or F&B industries. It’s not hard to see how it will make it easier for employees to stay safe, healthy, and most importantly, hygienic at their workplace in the long run.

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