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ThermoMix: The Easiest and Healthiest Way to Cook For Anyone and Everyone

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Many of us have picked up cooking and baking as a hobby during quarantine, but not all will have access to a well-equipped and spacious kitchen island at home. Save for the usual omelette or stir-fry, we avoid the awful and sometimes scary mess of making complicated dishes like yogurt or sous-vide meats. 

Enter ThermoMix. This is the tool that prides itself to be the ‘smart personal chef that never needs a day off’. Founded by VORWERK, ThermoMix is an all-in-one genius invention that provides the functions of more than twenty kitchen appliances combined. All you have to do is: select the type of cooking and turn the knob. It is the world’s best kitchen appliance, with a highly intuitive user interface that comes with over 40,000 recipe recommendations in itself. No longer will you be stuck cooking the same old recipes again and again, and you will be awarded the bonus on saving the added cost that comes with food take-outs and deliveries. 

ThermoMix avoids the fuss of you fumbling over your smartphone for recipes and has it right at your fingertips with its user-friendly, touch screen interface. The ThermoMix is friendly to use, especially for cooking beginners, who can select their integrated ‘Guided Cooking’ feature. No more flipping through recipe books and fumbling with the measurements – this device has your recipes stored on their database which is available on both Android and iOS systems. But the key to a healthy meal not just lies with the ingredients that are being used, it is affected by our cooking process too. What makes the ThermoMix even more sophisticated than traditional kitchen appliances is that it helps to create even healthier meals via its added accessories. For example, their steaming function will enable you to preserve nutrients in ingredients such as vegetables that would usually be lost in the cooking process. ThermoMix’s cooking function allows their users to decrease the starch content in carbohydrate-rich ingredients as well, such as rice.

It is not just the Jack-of-all-trades of kitchen appliances but master of all – the ThermoMix is the kitchen invention worth looking out for people from all walks of life. 

 For more information and details on how to purchase the ThermoMix, visit https://thermomix.com.sg/.


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